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He's No Ronald Reagan

4:00 PM, Dec 7, 2011 • By MARK DAVIS
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The promise of nuclear disarmament is a worthy vision. But as long as China, Iran, and North Korea resist appeals for arms control—we are doing something Ronald Reagan would have never done: Lead a parade with almost no followers.

With the departure of Kyl, there is a vacancy for a Senate leader to step forward and assume the mantle of watchdog of this administration’s disarmament agenda. Until such a leader emerges, Senate Republicans should at least safeguard the budget for our deterrent and its modernization, whatever the budgetary consequences. At the very least they should let the administration know that until world conditions settle, we need a “pause and a plateau”—a pause on new nuclear agreements, and a plateau in force levels.

Mark Davis worked in the Reagan administration and wrote addresses on START I as a White House speechwriter for George H. W. Bush.

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