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Hey, I'm Outraged!

Obama disses the Jews.

9:00 AM, Apr 27, 2010 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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Mary Katharine Ham has noted President Obama's lame attempt to rally his supporters for the 2010 elections, as he appealed in a DNC video to "young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008" to repeat their performance in 2010.

Hey, I'm Outraged!

But--presumably because she is a young person and a woman, and therefore felt suitably recognized as a member of two groups approved by the president--MKH didn't comment on who was left out of Obama's listing of preferred American racial, ethnic and gender groups. So it's left to me to ask the Jim Jones question: What about my fellow Jews? They voted better than 3 to 1 for Obama. They were more pro-Obama than young people, or Latinos, or women. And what do they get for their trouble? Not even a shout-out by the president.

I'm outraged.

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