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Hillary: ‘I Am Totally Done With Being Really Careful About What To Say’

'It feels a little bit liberating to me.'

8:48 PM, Jun 14, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she's done being "carefule about what to say." She made the comments at a recent book event associated with her most recently published memoir:

"You've never been shy about your opinions," said former aide Lissa Muscatine, who was interviewing her for the event, "but it does seem to me you are pretty free to speak your mind these days."

"I think that's true," said Clinton. "From some of the reactions that I've had the past few days. I say in the book that maybe it's just the wonderful wealth of experience that I've now had, maybe it is because I am totally done with being really careful about what to say because somebody might think this instead of that. It just gets too exhausting and frustrating. And it just seems a whole lot easier to just put it out there and hope people get used to it, whether you agree with it or not, to know exactly where I'm coming from, what I think, what I feel. I really believe that is missing in both our government dialogue, and of course many of you probably are some how associated in some way with our government, and certainly in our political dialogue. There's so many big issues and I talk about some of them, both internationally and nationally. And I don't think we gain by either shouting matches for finger-pointing or biting one's tongue. I think we really need to have a very open and straightforward conversation and maybe I'm trying to model that. I don't know. But that's how it feels to me. It feels a little bit liberating to me, to be honest"

"And it's great to watch, I have to say. It's nice to see," said the former aide.

"Well," Clinton continued, "you know, there are occasions whenI think  people gulp a little, including myself to be fair. But I really want to share the experiences that I've had."

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