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Holder's Four Easy Steps looking hypocritical, sinister, and incompetent.

11:12 AM, Feb 24, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Andy McCarthy notices a pattern:

The Obama administration, and Holder's Justice Department in particular, have a knack for making a bad thing worse. Their typical scandal pattern is: (a) make bold pronouncements about unprecedented transparency, (b) show a little leg, and then (c) stonewall, after which (d) White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel assures some friendly journalist that everything would have been different if only they'd have listened to him. The result is the the trifecta: the administration ends up looking hypocritical, sinister and incompetent.

So it is with the attorney general's grudging disclosure, after a year of stonewalling, of the names of just two of the Justice Department lawyers who volunteered their services to al-Qaeda detainees. I don't quite understand this reluctance. After all, to hear Holder and the legal Left tell it, these attorneys are heroes who -- unlike us knuckle-draggers -- personify "real American values," waging a noble jihad to uphold the Constitution against Neanderthals who hold the quaint view that we should crush our enemies and worry more about American lives than terrorist due process. One would think Holder would be anxious to identify these folk and brag about their labors on America's, er, behalf.

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