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House Rejects Afghanistan Withdrawal Resolution

Bipartisanship in foreign policy.

10:27 AM, Mar 11, 2010 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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If Obama continues to shepherd Iraq toward the end-state of a viable Islamic democracy that can protect its citizenry, defend its borders, and ally with the United States against al Qaeda and the jihadists; if he continues to deploy in Afghanistan the same strategy that saved Iraq from destruction and has a decent chance of bringing similar results to that war-torn and desolate country; if he continues relentlessly and effectively to pursue al Qaeda in its Af-Pak home base; and if -- a big if -- he commits to policies that forestall Iranian acquisition of nuclear arms and help bring down that nation's theocratic military dictatorship, he will have an incredibly successful presidency. A presidency that deserves accolades from left, right, and center.

Here's hoping.

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