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'How Single Motherhood Hurts Kids'

4:12 PM, Feb 19, 2014 • By JONATHAN V. LAST
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A couple weeks ago the great Kay Hymowitz gave New York Times readers the vapors by writing a data-driven account of how single motherhood creates sub-optimal outcomes for both the mothers and their children. The piece was titled, "How Single Motherhood Hurts Kids."

(Sample reader comment: "The title of this Op/Ed is beyond offensive. It blames the mother, who is the one who is committed to taking care of the children. It implies that it's the mother's fault that kids of single parents may have challenges. I am a single mother, with a MIA deadbeat ex who doesn't pay child support. He's the problem, not me. Furthermore, the author offers absolutely no solution. I expect better of you, NYTimes. Shame.On.You.")

What Hymowitz did was lay another brick in the wall of argument as to why marriage promotion and family formation are not only crucial for increasing economic mobility and diminishing income inequality—but also for alleviating a whole host of ills (both economic and cultural) that have beset our society. 

And the wall can be built entirely from sociological and economic data, without any recourse to ideology, philosophy, or theology.

At some point, one of our political parties is going to realize that they should claim this wall as their own.

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