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How will START finish?

11:44 AM, Mar 30, 2010 • By GABRIEL SCHOENFELD
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Senator Kerry is today chairman of the committee that will hold hearings on the treaty and decide whether to send it to the floor of the Senate. Durbin, as majority whip, will have the job of gathering votes for it. Levin chairs the armed services committee, which will conduct hearings on the security implications of the treaty. Feinstein heads the intelligence committee, which will examine the treaty's verification provisions. And Biden presides over the Senate and will be instrumental in selling the treaty to his former colleagues.

Will these senators now slam the Obama administration for negotiating a treaty that “runs counter to the whole point of reducing the danger of nuclear weapons” and  is “extraordinarily  hard to explain” because it leaves thousands of nuclear weapons in the hands of a Russia that has “incredibly, incredibly insecure facilities?"

We shall see soon enough. 

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