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On the Intellectual Bankruptcy of 'Fact Checkers'

5:00 PM, Dec 15, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Regardless, the truth—and the American people broadly recognize the problem—is that the federal government is spending us into the poorhouse, and generally wrecking any shot this nation has at a prosperous future. Arguing with Ron Paul about the technical definition of bankruptcy here is the equivalent of attempting to shoot the messenger, while somehow putting your foot in the cross-hairs. I don't know how long fact checkers expect to cite widely understood generalities and then use them as a launching point to say "Ah hah! Politicians may insist otherwise, but as professional Writer-of-Things, I assure you sky is actually chartreuse!" and then expect to retain any credibility.

Not all of Kessler's "fact checks" are this egregious, but in keeping with his own fondness for arbitrary ratings scales, I'm giving Kessler's Ron Paul whopper four General George Custers for being willfully obtuse in the face of large numbers.

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