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Islam in Europe Destroyed by Radicalism?

12:47 PM, Oct 11, 2010 • By STEPHEN SCHWARTZ
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Bosnian Muslims voted for secular, modern, European policies rather than heeding the Wahhabi call. A line of confrontation between radical infiltrators and local Muslims protective of their traditions extends from Bosnia-Herzegovina south through southern Serbia and Montenegro, which have substantial Muslim minorities, to Kosovo and Albania, which are majority Muslim.

On Friday, October 8, Kosovo Muslim women were called to demonstrate in the capital, Pristina, for the right to wear the headscarf in public schools, which the Kosovo government has banned. The chief local Muslim cleric, Naim Ternava, previously soft on the Wahhabi problem, warned against participation or involvement with the demonstration or the foreign Islamist charities supporting it, which he said had usurped a role in Kosovo they did not deserve. A few hundred people participated in the event. And in neighboring Albania, an attempt to remove the moderate chief cleric, Selim Muca, from his post, failed in September. Muca described the challenge to Balkan Muslims in the same terms employed by Hafizovic in Sarajevo: “Mostly, these are Muslims educated in Saudi Arabia.”

Stephen Schwartz is a frequent contributor. 

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