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Israel Shores Up Its Defenses, While Iran Remains Quiet

3:16 PM, Jan 28, 2013 • By LEE SMITH
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The Iranians, who also have a vital interest in Assad’s survival, presumably understand Hezbollah’s vulnerability—as well as their own. Lacking a way to strike back at Israel, if there was an operation at Fordow, allegedly trapping more than 200 workers, the regime would want to keep the news quiet so as not to damage its prestige. Michael Ross, a former Mossad operations officer, wonders if the fact that Iran’s intelligence ministry has shut down four newspapers and arrested more than a dozen journalists is related to the operation at Fordow. “The Fordow facility is located at a Revolutionary Guards’ base,” says Ross. “So it’s easy to seal off. But if there was an explosion of that magnitude, you’d think someone would eventually have to report something.”

In the meantime, as Israel is moving to shore up its defenses, Iran is quiet. 

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