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It's the Romney-Ryan Plan; Why Not Romney-Ryan Ticket?

12:25 AM, Aug 9, 2012 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES and WILLIAM KRISTOL
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This does not mean, of course, that voters will support the plan. Indeed, the authors of the Democracy Corps memo believe that Democratic attacks on the Ryan budget will bear fruit for the members of their party. Our point is not that campaigning on the Ryan plan is an easy winner, but rather that if Republicans can convince voters that the plan will do what they say it will do, voters are more than open to supporting it.

So Romney, and Republicans, will be running on the Romney-Ryan plan no matter what. Having Paul Ryan on the ticket may well make it easier to defend the plan convincingly. Ryan's pretty good at that. And it's hard to see how Ryan on the ticket could hurt. What would make things worse is if Romney tries to run away from the Ryan plan, whoever's on the ticket. Then Romney will have been for the Ryan plan before he turned against it. 

It will be safer to tell the truth, and defend the Ryan plan. Mitt Romney said it well in his interview with Charlie Sykes:

“Our country is now in a very precarious position. We’re headed towards a Greece-like economic calamity. The debt that we’re piling on the next generation is unacceptable. Medicare and Social Security could ultimately be threatened by our fiscal irresponsibility and we can’t go on like this. And my conclusion is: It’s time to tell people the truth. And if they want to vote for something less than the truth, that’s their right. But I’ve got a campaign of telling people the truth and I believe the American people are ready for the truth and understand that all of the promises and the attacks and so forth that are part of the political process have to be pushed aside for the truth. And so my campaign’s about telling people we’ve got to cut back on our spending and finally live within our means or we could face economic calamity where what we’ve gone through over the last three years would look like a cakewalk.”

There are other VP picks under consideration who bring a lot to the ticket – especially, perhaps, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie. We'd be very pleased to see either of them on the ticket.  But if your campaign is "about telling people we’ve got to cut back on our spending and finally live within our means or we could face economic calamity," then there's an awfully strong case for picking Paul Ryan as your running mate.

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