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Jeffrey Toobin's Baseless Attack on the Supreme Court

4:00 PM, Apr 4, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Finally, this fact seems have gone almost completely unremarked upon since last November. In the wake of Citizens United and all of that corporate money supposedly flooding our elections, Democrats still outspent Republicans:

The pattern appears to contradict widespread complaints from Democrats that they were being unfairly overrun by wealthy Republicans, many of whom donated money to conservative groups to spend on political races - unencumbered by the limits and public-disclosure requirements that constrain most political fundraising. The data show that even in many races in which Republicans had more outside help, they still had fewer resources than their Democratic opponents.

If Jeffrey Toobin wants to attack the integrity of Supreme Court justices from a perch as august as the New Yorker, he should marshall some actual facts instead of relying on lazy generalizations.

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