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Jindal Reforms Education in Louisiana

3:17 PM, Apr 5, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Governor Bobby Jindal brings hope and change to the education system in Louisiana. The AP reports


"The Louisiana House has given final passage to Gov. Bobby Jindal's proposal to make it tougher for teachers to reach the job protection known as tenure and to do away with the statewide pay scale for teachers.

"Approval of minor Senate changes in a 60-43 vote, gave Jindal a significant victory early in the three-month legislative session, over strong opposition from the teacher unions and several thousand teachers who protested at the Capitol in recent weeks.

"The House also is planning to vote on Jindal's other key education initiative, a measure to establish a statewide voucher program for private school tuition, make it easier to create charter schools and expand online schools.

"The Senate approved both measures Wednesday."

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