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Jindal: Republicans Should Be Helping Cuccinelli More, Fighting Obamacare

7:01 AM, Aug 23, 2013 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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Baton Rouge, La.
Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, who also chairs the Republican Governors Association, says Republicans should be doing more to help Ken Cuccinelli in his race for the governorship in Virginia.


"I think there are still too many people in the Republican party and the conservative movement who aren’t involved in that election and should be there helping to support Ken, that are worried about another loss or still doing self analysis," said Jindal in an interview with THE WEEKLY STANDARD Thursday afternoon. Cuccinelli, the sitting attorney general, is facing Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the election this November. McAuliffe holds a 1.7-point lead, according to the Real Clear Politics poll average, and the latest poll from Quinnipiac showed McAuliffe ahead of Cuccinelli by 6 points.

"The reality is, we’ve got an election," said Jindal. "You know, instead of worrying about elections years from now, let’s win this election. And you win this election, and that begets victories in 2014. You win in 2014, and then you can start focusing on the next presidential election. We’ve got fights that are going on today. Let’s go win those elections."

Jindal, who was first elected in 2007 and reelection in 2011, wrote an op-ed in June encouraging the party to "stop navel gazing" after losing the 2012 presidential election and to "stop defeating ourselves, get on offense, and kick the other guys around"--sentiments echoed last week at the Republican National Committee meeting by New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

Asked if he believes the party is still "navel gazing," Jindal said there are elements of the GOP that still are doing so.

"I think there are some that would like us to become another liberal party," he said. "I don’t think we need two liberal parties in D.C. I think there are some in the party that still look to the editorial pages of the mainstream press, that still worry that commentators don’t like us. That’s nonsense. I think we need to stand for our principles."

Jindal cited Obamacare as an issue on which Republicans should keep fighting. "There are Republicans that I think are a little too eager to go, ‘Look, we’ve got to accept Obamacare. It’s the law of the land.’ We need to be fighting to repeal and replace that," he said. "We need to be coming up with conservative alternatives."

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