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Jon Stewart and the Democrats

A hilarious process of disillusionment.

8:00 AM, Oct 1, 2010 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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It's been remarkable to watch Jon Stewart fall out of love with Barack Obama. Stewart is an intelligent man, a liberal who has reasons for his liberalism, and so he's been unable to sustain the cult worship of the president you find in more reliable Democratic partisans. But Stewart is also a funny man, maybe the funniest politicized liberal around (and a lot funnier than the crass, snarky, and condescending Stephen Colbert), and so Stewart's process of disillusionment has been a pleasure to watch. For example:

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Yes, Stewart is a critic of Obama from the left. But that doesn't mean he isn't right to point out the insanity--the audacity?--of Obama's latest efforts to mobilize the Democrats' liberal base by scolding it. Obama's policies and his inability to restore economic growth have alienated the right and independents. His personal unpleasantness has alienated the left. Are we really so sure that this guy will win reelection?

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