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Kentucky Democrats Choose Liberal Over Moderate Senate Candidate

4:38 PM, May 19, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Which is why Rand Paul will win, writes David Freddoso:

I don’t know how anyone can win a contested statewide election in Kentucky whilst supporting Obamacare, abortion on demand, and card check (the euphemistically titled “Employee Free Choice Act”). Somehow, Attorney General Jack Conway, D, did it once, but those issues probably weren’t much discussed in the 2007 state election cycle.

Conway, who won last night’s primary over Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo, filled out the Daily Kos questionnaire. Here are a few of his answers:

There is a clear choice in the Kentucky Democratic primary for U.S. Senate – I support health care reform and Daniel Mongiardo does not….

I support the Employee Free Choice Act…

I believe that undocumented workers who want to emerge from the shadows of the underground economy and participate in American life as legal residents should be able to eventually become citizens…

With official unemployment over 10% in Kentucky and nationwide right now we need a level playing field for workers based on prevailing wage requirements and standard workplace safety rules.

Mongiardo, the Democrat who lost, said he'd vote against Obamacare and was socially conservative. A PPP poll showed Conway doing slightly better against Paul, but I think as the general election heated up Mongiardo would have been a much tougher candidate.

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