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'King of Pork—and Proud of It'

12:45 PM, Jun 29, 2010 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Fred Barnes writes in today's Wall Street Journal:

Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia was never a political relic, though the media and late-night comics often portrayed him as one. His style—the florid, halting speeches on the Constitution and the glories of the Senate—was certainly a blast from the past. And the most recent front-page story in the Washington Post involving Byrd focused on him as "one of Congress's most famous dog lovers."

But Byrd, who died yesterday at 92 after 51 years in the Senate, epitomized what most members of Congress try to do: maximize the flow of federal funds to their state or district. Only he did it better. He was not only extraordinarily effective in funneling largess to West Virginia, he was unabashed about taking credit for it in an ostentatious way. 

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