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Kosovar Albanians Confront Wahhabi Agitators

6:15 PM, Jul 26, 2011 • By STEPHEN SCHWARTZ
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The writer Qerim Ujkani, as a party to the suit against imam Krasniqi, commented on the general situation in the Pristina daily Express, which is in the forefront of resistance to Islamist penetration, “The legal case [against imam Krasniqi] is now out of my hands, but I think that every manifestation of Islamic extremism that has taken root on our country is reprehensible, because it has no links either with Albanian culture or the historic Albanian identity.” Ujkani warned that Ramiqi, whom he described as a “bandit” manipulated by the Islamists, had been financed by Hamas.

Remarks on the lively Express online comment site were, as in the past, critical of Islamist intrigues. “Sefi” in Pristina wrote, “The agenda of ‘Join’ is: to prove that every Albanian is a submissive Muslim; to indoctrinate the unemployed and purposeless youth; to undermine our institutions; to demand a mosque and Islamic center; to demand the headscarf, and later [Wahhabi-style] short pants [for boys] in the schools; to threaten institutions with action by ‘every possible means;’ to threaten indirectly (and later directly) everybody who refuses to ‘join;’ to introduce religion into state schools, with clerics in the schools . . . to change the laws, the constitution . . . to do nothing for Albanians or Kosovo. Shame.”

The secularist stand of the Kosovo government—which is led by veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), including Thaci and Buja—shows that the Albanians protected by U.S.-NATO weapons in 1998-99 were not and are not jihadists.

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