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Krauthammer on the the Gitmo Lawyers at the DOJ

"Radical civil libertarians."

11:54 PM, Mar 2, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Watch Charles Krauthammer discuss the the Gitmo lawyers at the DOJ:

There have been some overheated reactions to the Keep America Safe ad today; one lawyer writes:

"If Liz Cheney and friends have some evidence that these people have ill intentions, by all means let us all see it. If the evidence reveals that a lawyer is, indeed, a terrorist sympathizer acting inside the DOJ, I’ll be among the first to join in the hunt for their heads."

Isn't that the point of the Keep America Safe ad? They're demanding that Holder reveal who the lawyers are, so the American people can judge for themselves whether these lawyers are the kind of people who should be working on detainee policy at the DOJ. As Thomas Joscelyn has pointed out, some lawyers for al Qaeda terrorists have lied and produced propaganda videos on behalf of their clients.

You'd think the most transparent administration in history wouldn't have a problem revealing the names of the Gitmo lawyers at the DOJ, especially if Holder believes these 7 lawyers are perfectly suited to be working on detainee issues.

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