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Kristol Explains What's Wrong With the Immigration Bill

2:23 PM, Jul 15, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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The boss, speaking about the immigration bill, on Fox News Sunday:

"I think the House should pass separate bills. I still have a problem to go to conference with the Senate bill, which I think is fundamentally misguided. So, I'm worried about establishment types, telling the House guys, you guys will be fine. Just pass these little bills and suddenly you're in conference, conference committee is very complicated and the Senate bill," said the boss.

Chris Wallace asked, "What is fundamentally wrong with the Senate bill?"

"There's no promise, there is no likelihood in my view of serious enforcement. So I think the magnet to incent these people to continue coming when they get legalization remains. And I think it doesn't--that's a huge increase in immigration in that bill, two to three times the number of immigrants over the next decade as over the last decade. And that is bad for working class and middle class wages and economic opportunity in this country. And I think that's something Republicans need to get serious about," the boss responded.

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