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Kristol: 'No Way There will be a Bush-Clinton Race in 2016'

"Hillary gets to say, 'I’m the first woman president.' And Jeb gets to say, 'I’m the third Bush president.'"

9:06 AM, Apr 8, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Bill Kristol made the argument that Jeb Bush will not be the next Republican presidential nominee:

"He's the establishment hope who I don't think is likely to be the nominee," the boss said of Jeb Bush. "I think there's no way there will be a Bush-Clinton race in 2016. I'll buy all of you dinner, I'll buy the two Bens dinner -- this could be expensive in New York, I guess. I'm willing to go out on a limb.

"Why is that? Because the Republican primary voters do not think the solution--I mean, they don't want to nominate someone who was last in office a decade ago. He's a good man. He hasn't been involved in any of the fights in the Obama years. Republicans are kind of worked up about Obamacare, about the foreign policy failures, they'd like someone who is either engaged in those fights in Washington or a governor who’s governed successfully in real time, i.e., now. So a Scott Walker or a Mike Pence, or a Ted Cruz or a Marco Rubio or a Paul Ryan. And I think all of them, incidentally, would be better candidates probably than Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton.

 “If it’s Bush against Clinton, it’s two people who have been around an awful long time, two people who sort of inherited the mantle. And then Hillary gets to say, 'I’m the first woman president.' And Jeb gets to say, 'I’m the third Bush president.' That’s not a good match-up for Republicans. Whereas Scott Walker and Mike Pence and Marco Rubio and all those guys get to say: generational change, conservative reform agenda, get away from the failures of the Obama years, which Secretary Clinton was part of. I think that’s a much better message for Republicans."

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