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Lack of Confidence in Obama Explains GOP Opposition to Syria

Not necessarily a drift toward non-interventionism.

7:04 AM, Sep 7, 2013 • By STEPHEN F. HAYES
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“The isolationist, libertarian crowd is quite small,” says Devin Nunes, a California Republican on the House Intelligence Committee who opposes authorizing the use of force. “What they are is good politicians – jumping in front of an 80-20 issue and trying to own it.”

Nunes, who has drafted an alternative resolution on Syria, says few of his colleagues are sympathetic to non-interventionist views. “It’s really only a handful and their actual beliefs are dangerous for the country,” he says. “If anyone listened to them it would have serious, long-term, negative consequences for the United States.”

McCaul, who says he is “not an isolationist,” agrees that it’s a small minority of the House Republican conference. “We’re not all in this pacifist Rand Paul camp – not at all.”

One House Republican leader put it this way. “The largest group in the House, by far, have a strong deference to American power and a belief in strong executive action on national security,” he says. “There’s just not a lot of confidence in Obama.”

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