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Legalizing Forbidden Fruit

9:12 AM, Feb 14, 2014 • By EDWARD ALEXANDER
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In one sense Obama and his liberal acolytes, in their craving for forbidden fruit, are being loyal to the founders of liberalism, like John Stuart Mill. In On Liberty (1859) Mill complained that in biblical morality “thou shalt not predominates unduly over thou shalt.” In other words, liberals have always chafed against the troubling truth that morality is essentially a bridle and not a spur. But Mill stopped well short of confusing his own certainty with absolute certainty. He despised Mormonism, for example, but was a fierce critic of English attempts to outlaw it. Obama-Holder liberalism brooks no such limits upon the legalization of its dogmas and the extension of its empire.

Edward Alexander’s most recent book is The State of the Jews: A Critical Appraisal (Transaction Publishers).

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