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12:03 PM, Mar 18, 2011 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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p.s. I am a private person, and don't want him to run. I'd prefer not to listen to people like you talk bad about any member of my family. But this decision is bigger than me. If he runs, I will be his biggest supporter. But it just makes no sense to me that a conservative man, such as yourself, would have such a blatantly obvious disdain towards my father. Despite your best efforts, if he decides to run, he will likely win the nomination. He has beaten "your" guy before. Who have you got this time, T-Paw? Please. History often, if not always, repeats itself. You would be well served, for the sake of the party and most importantly our country, to back off quite a bit. Shame on you sir! There is so much more I'd like to say. Maybe next time, although I doubt there will be a next time. I'm probably going to be in trouble with my dad for this. But enough is enough!

Sterling Barbour
Small business owner-Alabama

William Kristol responds:

I admire Sterling Barbour for standing up for his dad. Needless to say, I stand by criticism of Haley Barbour’s comments on the defense budget and Afghanistan.

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