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Letter Warns: Immigration Bill Will Collapse Middle Class and Increase Unemployment, Poverty

6:26 AM, Jan 9, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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CBO confirms that these immigrants will be mostly lower-skilled, and that wages for American citizens would fall while American unemployment would rise.  Per-capita GNP would sink as well. 

According to research from Harvard Professor Dr. George Borjas, low-skilled immigration has, between the years 1980 and 2000, resulted in nearly an 8% wage reduction for US-born workers without a high school degree.  Rapidly expanding unskilled immigration – at time when factory work and blue collar jobs are disappearing – would represent the final economic blow for millions of workers who have been struggling to gain an economic foothold.

Yet, despite this jobs crisis for American workers, the White House continues to advocate that CEOs and business executives seek lower cost labor.  The White House has entertained a parade of high-powered business executives to discuss immigration policy, all while shutting out the concerns of everyday wage-earners who overwhelmingly oppose these measures.  You even released an economic report saying that the “hospitality and leisure industry” needs “legislation that would legalize workers in the U.S. and facilitate the lawful employment of future foreign-born workers.”

Is it the position of the White House that the hotel industry cannot be asked to find employees from among the legions of unemployed residing here today?

As Byron York notes in the Washington Examiner, many of the CEOs asking for new workers have been laying off thousands of their own workers.

So-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform may be a good deal for big businesses who want to reduce labor costs, and it may be a good deal for progressive labor unions seeking new workers from abroad, but it’s an awful deal for US workers – including African-American and Hispanic communities enduring chronically high unemployment.

Job number one for Congress should be to reduce the unemployment rolls, get families and communities out of poverty and government dependency, rebuild our deteriorating communities and collapsing middle class, and increase wages for American citizens. Your immigration proposals do the exact opposite on every count.


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