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On the president's trip to Asia.

6:04 PM, Nov 17, 2011 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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Sometimes you get a letter from a reader that's so well written, you just have to publish it. Here's something I received today from a reader in Maryland on Obama's trip to Asia:

"A question which often worries young military officers in training is, 'Where should I place myself in battle? At the front? In the back? In the middle?' The answer is, of course, wherever you are most needed, and can best impose your influence. The buzz phrase for this is to 'place yourself at the point of friction.' Or, less technically: go where the action is.

"This point was not covered, apparently, at the orientation session for new Illinois state senators. At this stage, though, it's not even surprising to me that with our fiscal situation again about to explode, Iran about to get nuclear weapons, and Europe about to drag us under economic water for several more years, the president is ... hobnobbing in the Pacific. Not that I think, incidentally, that it is intrinsically foolish to deploy a Marine unit in the south Pacific. But the great fanfare associated with it, in contrast to the real and critical challenges we face right now, almost everywhere else on the earth BUT the south Pacific, makes it seem tinny and pathetic.

"Bitter, Soft and Lazy: Progressivism in the Age of Obama—now there's a title for a good book."

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