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Libya Joins the Jihad Against Switzerland

Qaddafi’s bombast should not be dismissed.

9:00 AM, Apr 17, 2010 • By OLIVIER GUITTA
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Many experts refuse to take Qaddafi seriously and see Libya as isolated on the international scene. But not all. The French scholar and analyst of Islam Malek Chebel challenges the wisdom of tolerating Libya’s bad behavior. In particular, he said, “One cannot let this call to jihad spread without doing anything. One cannot measure the damage that such a call can do in the Muslim world, and also in Europe. This is irresponsible.” The West was seen as siding with Libya rather than with Switzerland. Libya, naturally, was applauded by the 17 countries of the Arab League, which accused Bern of being “racist.”

Another worrisome sign: In late March, Libya freed over 200 members of the al Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, whose goal is to install an Islamist regime in Libya. It is not a stretch to speculate that these experienced terror operatives, despite their supposed rehabilitation, could be used to target Switzerland or its interests abroad. In fact, in light of Qaddafi’s history of terrorism in the 1980s, the threat against Switzerland should not be taken lightly.

By failing to condemn Libya’s call to jihad, the West hands a cheap moral victory to Muslim extremists. An image from the Arab League summit sums it up nicely: Italian premier Berlusconi kissing Qaddafi’s hand. 

Olivier Guitta is a security and geopolitical consultant based in Europe. His work can be read at

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