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The Literary Side of This Year’s Super Bowl

11:30 AM, Feb 3, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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This saw Boone: the bluegrass, the virgin land rolling westward wave by dense wave from the Allegheny gaps, unmarked then, teeming with deer and buffalo about the salt licks and the limestone springs whose water in time would make the fine bourbon whiskey; and the wild men too—the red men and the white ones too who had to be a little wild also to endure and survive and so mark the wilderness with the proofs of their tough survival—Boonesborough, Owenstown, Harrod's and Harbuck's Stations; Kentucky: the dark and bloody ground.

One suspects that no matter what, Faulkner would not have asked Terrell Suggs at this year’s media day, what he planned to do on Valentines Day.

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