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Liz Cheney Addresses CPAC

2:01 PM, Feb 18, 2010 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Keep America Safe chair Liz Cheney was greeted at CPAC with an enthusiastic ovation before delivering a speech on national security today. She argued that Obama, wed to a campaign promise to close Gitmo, has been forced to move terrorists to American soil. She related an anecdote involving her nine year old daughter Grace: “Mom, is President Obama really trying to bring terrorists into the United States?” Yes, Cheney had to tell her daughter. (Cheney's children are apparently very perceptive. In 2004, her daughter was able to determine that Howard Dean is a “creep,” Cheney said, eliciting the laughter of the audience.)

“A wise man,” Cheney said as she took aim at President Obama, “would not give the mastermind of September 11” a platform in New York City to preach jihad. She continued with the same opening phrase for a few lines, listing the national security mistakes the Obama administration has made. She ended, “A wise man would hire better people.”

“Let’s send a message to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” Cheney said. “You will not silence us!”

The real red meat, what drove this crowd into frenzy and onto their feet was the former vice president of the United States Dick Cheney. It was an unscheduled visit and a total surprise to the crowd.

The former vice president talked about his excitement after the elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, finally saying that he hoped Obama would be a one term president. The crowd readily agreed with this wise man.

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