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Local Syrian Proxies, Hezbollah Stooges

1:24 PM, Aug 26, 2013 • By LEE SMITH
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Nonetheless, Lebanese officials, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, explained that it wasn’t Hezbollah. "It must be these Salafi groups,” said one unnamed security source, “because we have no control over them." The IDF released a statement saying that, “The Lebanese Government is responsible for the rockets fired earlier at Israel by Global Jihad terrorists.” Presumably, this is precisely what Hezbollah and its allies wanted to hear because further corroboration, from even hostile sources, would help clear the way for the Lebanese Armed Forces to take action against Sunni “terrorists” on behalf of the Party of God, just as it had done in Sidon two months ago.

Of course, Hezbollah doesn’t usually seek, or get, Jerusalem’s help. And the fact that Israel wound up striking the headquarters of PFLP-GC, a Syrian proxy that Hezbollah frequently taps for rocket attacks, suggests that it quickly saw through the ruse and made the reality plain. In foregoing Hezbollah targets and zeroing in on Hezbollah allies instead, Israel quietly explained that it knows what the party is up to and while it wishes not to escalate at this point, Hezbollah had better take the warning seriously.

What the White House believes, however, is an entirely different question.

As I wrote recently, because the Obama administration does not have a serious strategy to deal with Iran, and because it has mistaken drone strikes on Sunni militants for a Middle East policy, the CIA has drafted its own priorities. According to the CIA’s former deputy director, the agency believes that the greatest threat to U.S. national security comes from Al Qaeda, with Iran a secondary concern. This may explain why, as reported last month, America’s clandestine service might have tipped off Lebanese military intelligence, and therefore Hezbollah, about an impending bomb attack on a Hezbollah target. In any case, because of the administration’s failure to see Iran as the key strategic threat to American interests, the result is that the United States, knowingly or not, has now become a part of Hezbollah’s information campaign to make war on Lebanon’s Sunni community.  So what if the LAF is acting hand in hand with Iran’s long arm in Lebanon? In the Obama administration’s bizarre worldview, the U.S.-funded and –trained Lebanese Armed Forces is serving American interests—by killing Sunnis. 

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