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Marco Rubio, the Anti-Obama

1:21 PM, Aug 3, 2011 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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As Rubio tells it, one economic approach is "not more moral than the other." But at its core, Rubio's vision is both pragmatic and moral (though not in a chastising, finger-waving, Obama-esque way). Yes, he thinks government stimulus just doesn't work. But he also believes something much deeper and more important, the character of our country, is at stake. To go down the road of ever higher taxes to pay for the ever growing welfare state will necessarily mean the erosion of economic liberty and the decline of American military strength. And that's a price he wouldn't be willing to pay, even if we could mathematically. 

Of course, Rubio acknowledges "this is not a debate we will solve in the month of August. In fact, I believe it will characterize the rest of this Congress, the 2012 elections and the years that lie ahead." In the coming months and years, the best speaker in the Republican party will have plenty of opportunities to explain why his vision, the vision of economic opportunity, works better and brings about the best for our country.

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