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McAuliffe Fundraising Email: Cuccinelli is 'Virginia's Todd Akin'

5:41 PM, Aug 19, 2013 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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The campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe of Virginia has emailed its supporters likening Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli to failed 2012 Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin.

Calling Cuccinelli "Virginia's Todd Akin," the email admits that the Republican attorney general has never expressed views like that of Akin, who claimed pregnancy as a result of rape did not happen because women's bodies could "shut that whole thing down." But that didn't stop Emily Aden, McAuliffe's research director, from making the comparison in a fundraising appeal. Here's an excerpt:

If Akin and Mourdock were foot soldiers in the war on women's health, Ken Cuccinelli is one of its leaders. He's only running neck-and-neck with Terry because lots of Virginia voters don't know about his record.

Todd Akin outed his extreme beliefs when he said "legitimate rape," but Cuccinelli probably won't in such a public fashion. That's why we need your help now more than ever.

Help us get out the word that Ken Cuccinelli would be as dangerous for Virginia as Todd Akin was for Missouri by making a $5 donation now.

It's undeniable: Akin and Cuccinelli are two peas in a pod.

They both support Personhood bills that would ban many common forms of birth control, including the pill.

While Cuccinelli might be a good enough politician not to say something as abhorrent as "legitimate rape," he believes that abortion should be illegal even in the case of rape and incest — just like Todd Akin. Cuccinelli proudly called himself, "the most aggressive pro-life leader in the Virginia Senate."

And the cherry on top of their extreme sundae: they both tried to defund Planned Parenthood.

Will you make a $5 donation today to help us make sure Virginia doesn't get stuck with Todd Akin's ideological twin?

We were able to fight back against extremism and win last year. With your help, we can keep that momentum going.

Virginians go to the polls in November. According to the Real Clear Politics poll average, McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli by 1.3 points.

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