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Media Failure: Global Warming Edition

Neglecting inconvenient truths.

10:11 AM, Mar 2, 2010 • By MATTHEW CONTINETTI
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Will An Inconvenient Truth go down as one of the most ironically titled films in the history of American cinema? It just might, as the "consensus" that human activity is primarily responsible for global warming slowly falls apart under its own weight. Ed Morrissey has a fantastic post where he notes that the "Australian and British press have eaten the American media’s lunch on the collapse of credibility at the IPCC and in the anthropogenic global-warming (AGW) movement." He then runs down a bunch of stories that have poked holes in the IPCC report and other claims of global warming hysterics and concludes:

To this day, the American media has had almost nothing to add to the growing list of exposés accomplished by their Anglospheric cousins.  Bear in mind that our current government plans an unprecedented intrusion into the energy sector, entirely on the basis of the IPCC report that has been systematically dismantled by bastions of journalistic accomplishment like the Times of London, who got many of the above scoops.  Such a policy would give the federal government vast power over the economy and allow it to accrue massive amounts of fees and taxes, while dictating the rationing of both retail energy use and the means of producing it.

Why the blinders? Simple: American newspapers and television news bureaus are staffed with people for whom skepticism of the U.N. and politicized climate scientists is tantamount to heresy. Note the line in Al Gore's February 28 New York Times op-ed where he says that "what is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption." This isn't a scientific debate. It's a religious one.

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