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Medvedev, Putin, and the Mistral

8:30 AM, Mar 5, 2010 • By REUBEN F. JOHNSON
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“This is a deal that if it goes through provides Russia with a military capability to use against its neighbors that it would not otherwise have,” said a retired U.S. flag rank officer who now works as a contractor with governments of new NATO Central/Eastern Europe states.  “It also means transferring an industrial capacity to Russia from France that could have unhappy consequences.  This is a deal that weakens the U.S. and weakens NATO.  I am troubled about this sale given current concerns about the attitude of Russia towards NATO and our growing friction with Moscow.”

If Europe is now only for Europeans -- and NATO is a threat rather than guarantor of peace -- then the U.S. needs to rethink how it handles its own military sales arrangements with those European nations who express these sentiments either by words or deeds. If these deal goes through, perhaps it might be time to reset the U.S. military relationship with France.

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