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Michelle Obama: Physical Ed. Program 'Our Patriotic Obligation to This Country'

3:27 PM, Feb 28, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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First Lady Michelle Obama spoke today in Chicago about her new physical education initiative for kids. She called her new program "our patriotic obligation to this country" and "our moral obligation."

"I am thrilled to be here today as we launch Let’s Move Active Schools –- this unprecedented effort to bring physical education back to America’s schools," she began. She then explained that enough kids get enough exercise--and that she aims to change that.

"Every single one of these kids is special.  They're all special.  Every child I meet has the potential to contribute something amazing; to succeed in a job, to raise a family of their own, to give back to their community and to their country.  Every child has that potential.  But the fact is, it’s up to us as the grown-ups in the room to help them fulfill that potential," she said.

"It’s up to us to bring out the very best in all -- do you hear me -- all of our young people.  That is our moral obligation to our children.  That’s how we show them that we believe in them, and that’s how we teach them to believe in themselves. 

"It's also our patriotic obligation to this country.  It’s how we raise the next generation of workers and innovators and leaders who will continue to make America the greatest nation on earth.  That’s why these companies and organizations have stepped up to support all of you in this vitally important work."

Obama was joined today Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the president's former chief of staff.

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