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Michigan Mo?

8:44 AM, Feb 27, 2012 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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Through December and January, Mitt Romney was comfortably ahead in polls in his home state of Michigan. Then Rick Santorum surged into the lead after his February 7 victories in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado. Romney's advertising and surrogate assault on Santorum over the next couple of weeks, combined with the mainstream media’s demonization of the former Pennsylvania senator and his slightly sub-par performance in Wednesday night's debate, put Romney back ahead by several points late last week. The question now is: Did the Romney momentum continue through the weekend? Or did Romney peak late last week, and is it Santorum who's re-established momentum and is closing strong? And how strong? Strong enough to overcome Romney's lead in early ballots?


For what it's worth, it feels to me as if Santorum could win. Based on several conversations with Michiganders over the last couple of days, I'm sure the intensity is with Santorum, and my guess is the momentum is with him as well. At the beginning of this year, Michigan and Michigan State pulled off exciting upset victories in overtime in their bowl games. If I had to bet, I'd wager the underdog, Rick Santorum, could follow in their footsteps to be the "victor valiant" and the "conqu'ring hero" Tuesday night.

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