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The Military’s Steep Cuts

12:05 PM, Oct 17, 2011 • By ROBERT ZARATE
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None of this makes it into the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 30-second commercial. And the advertisement completely ignores how spending on social entitlements and other domestic programs has grown massively since the 1970s—in sharp contrast to defense spending, which, even with two ongoing wars, has remained comparatively flat. 

Secretary Panetta said on September 20, 2011: “[D]efense is taking more than its share of the cuts.  We’re doing in excess of $450 billion in reductions [under the first phase of the Budget Control Act]…. [I]f you’re serious about dealing with the deficit, don’t go back to the discretionary account. Pay attention to the two-thirds of the federal budget that is in large measure responsible for the size of the debt that we’re dealing with.” Panetta ought to know, considering the former Democratic congressman was White House budget director in the 1990s.

If the Peter G. Peterson Foundation is truly serious about dealing with the deficit and debt, then they’d be wise to stop hiding behind slick commercials with little girls dressed as school teachers and to start dealing with the facts. 

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