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Misleading Rhetoric on the DISCLOSE Act

Congressman Hank Johnson on 'corporate miscreants.'

6:59 PM, Jun 25, 2010 • By PEYTON R. MILLER
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This is relevant since a Democratic amendment inserted into the DISCLOSE Act Wednesday night by Rep. Robert Brady, a key proponent of labor unions, would effectively exempt labor unions from most provisions of the bill by exempting electioneering financed by regular dues of less than $50,000.  Upset about a loophole Democrats from pro-gun states had carved out for the NRA, the liberal Sierra Club, Humane Society, and AARP were also exempted from the requirements.

Why wouldn't Congressman Johnson insist on the same disclosure requirements for these exempted groups?  Because they would ensure more Democrats getting elected in American campaigns, both local, state, and federal.

Peyton R. Miller is the editor of the Harvard Salient and a Student Free Press Association intern at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

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