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Morning Jay: The Donald Attacks!

6:00 AM, Apr 8, 2011 • By JAY COST
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All this tells me that those top line approval numbers are very, very weak for the president. They are probably being propped up by people who are not happy with the way things are going, don't particularly like the job the president has done with specific issues, but have not yet connected all the dots. Just wait. As the Republican nomination battle begins in earnest, you’re going to see Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romeny, and others making the same kind of explicit argument that President Obama is a failure. In other words, they're going to connect the dots for people, just like Trump did in this interview.

What happens to Obama's job approval then? What happens when these Republican nominees start linking high unemployment, high gas prices, out of control deficits, and partisan gridlock to Obama?

Again, this is something we have not really seen happen yet. The public tends to tune out the partisan back-and-forth among congressional leaders; only a small proportion of the public watches cable news or listens to talk radio, where these kind of critiques have long been a staple; and during the congressional midterm campaign, the focus tended to be on Nancy Pelosi and local candidates. We have not yet seen really high profile figures go after Obama as directly as Trump did.

But we will soon enough.

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