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Morning Jay: The Glorified Clerkship

6:00 AM, Mar 11, 2011 • By JAY COST
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Nobody in the United States is as intent on reminding his fellow citizens just how awesome he is than Barack Obama. That's what the "Age of Obama" is all about. But that seems to be about it. The sense of awe he has cultivated has not been used for any great purpose -- not to forge a bipartisan compromise on the stimulus, not to push through an intelliglble health care plan, not to handle the deficit, not to lead on any of the various foreign policy flareups. This is more a clerkship presidency, with a commander in chief either unwilling or unable to take the lead on the most challenging issues of the day.

The conventional wisdom is that Barack Obama is going to spend a billion dollars to get himself reelected next year. So, we can expect even more pomp and circumstance than we've seen to date in the "Age of Obama," as his expert campaign strategists puff him up once again to present him as the national savior. A billion dollars, they hope, will change the public's currently low opinion of the Obama administration. Yet it cannot change one very good reason why the public has come to its opinion, which is that his has been a clerkship presidency. A glorified clerkship, no doubt, but a clerkship nonetheless.

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