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Morning Jay: GOP Positioned To Take The Senate, Bobby Bright...Republican?, Obama The Scold, and More!

6:30 AM, Oct 8, 2010 • By JAY COST
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(Woodrow) Wilson lacked the common touch, and loved humanity in the abstract rather than people in particular.  Unlike T.R., he could not descend into the market-place or emulate the prize-ring; throughout his eight years of office he was always aloof and often alone; no one ever called him W.W. or Tommy!  His humor and warm affections appeared only to a few intimate friends.  'Wilson is clean, strong, high-minded and cold-blooded,' wrote F.K. Lane, the warm-hearted man who became his Secretary of the Interior...In an era of fierce contention, and without Lincoln’s ability to express himself in simple, homely language, he was certain to be misunderstood.”

-Samuel Eliot Morison, Henry Steele Commager, and William E. Leuchtenburg, The Growth of the American Republic, Volume II.

“[Obama’s] got to connect with the American people.  The American people have to feel that the president senses and -- the suffering they're going through, and wants to be a part of the solution. He's got a lot of strength, but that connectivity, that ability to transmit the fact that he feels for people, I think, is something he needs to work on…”

-Former vice president Walter Mondale.

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