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Morning Jay: The Left Will Never Abandon Obama

6:00 AM, Aug 5, 2011 • By JAY COST
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Finally, remember the 2000 election. If ever there was a year for the left to bolt the Democratic party, that would have been it. Prior to his reinvention as a fire breathing populist, Al Gore had actually been a moderate Southern Democrat. He scored relatively well with the National Right to Life Committee, had been an early member of the Democratic Leadership Council, and quietly urged Clinton to sign the welfare reform bill in 1996. Meanwhile, Ralph Nader launched an unabashedly left wing candidacy, directly appealing to all the key Democratic groups on the left. And if Nader got 5 percent of the vote, the Green Party could win federal matching funds, and provide real leverage for liberals to keep the Democratic party from drifting into the muddled middle. However, all of the party’s groups came out swinging that year on behalf of Gore, some even engaging in some pretty vile rhetoric. Nader had been pulling in about 7 percent of the vote in the summer, but finished with less than 3 percent.

If the left stood with the Democratic party in 1940, 1960, 1996, and 2000 (mostly), there is no way it will abandon Barack Obama next year. The reason is simple: liberalism does not have political life outside the Democratic party.

Liberals might be frustrated now, but during the campaign next year the Democratic party will activate their partisan sentiments by casting the Republican nominee as the bane of all that is good, true, and noble – and the left will buy it. The same liberals who are complaining about Obama today will be earnestly proclaiming that his reelection is the only thing that stands between America and the abyss.

Obama will win 90 percent or so of the Democratic vote, and 90 percent of the liberal vote. It’s a guarantee.

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