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Morning Jay: A Moment in Search of a Man

12:00 AM, Dec 14, 2011 • By JAY COST
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But he didn’t. He was a leading behind-the-scenes power broker in setting up the Convention, and a forceful if quiet advocate for Madison’s vision of a more robust central government. Then, to lend credibility to the project, he agreed to serve as the nation’s first president, surely knowing that the job would be as strenuous as it was consequential.

That should serve as a lesson to the literally half dozen Republican leaders across the country who either chose not to run, or dropped out this primary cycle. Your country needs you. Follow in the footsteps of Washington: put aside your personal desires and serve your nation just as he did. The current field is manifestly insufficient, and America requires somebody better. Washington didn’t retire to his estate to ride his horses and tend to his garden. Can’t one of those Republicans (we all know who they are) get off the sidelines and get into this game? Is that really asking too much?

As a service to all these would-be candidates, attached here is a list of the filing deadlines for the remaining primaries, with the total number of delegates at stake. Clearly, there is still time to mount a vigorous and successful campaign.  Will somebody please step forward to meet this moment?

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