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Morning Jay: A Sorry Spectacle

6:00 AM, Apr 6, 2012 • By JAY COST
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Harry Truman employed the same, rotten strategy to win reelection in 1948; he succeeded at the ballot box, but his Fair Deal largely stalled in the Congress in 1949. Unsurprisingly, after months of dividing the people with class warfare rhetoric, Truman was unable to bring them back together to govern.

Barack Obama should expect nothing more, and I cannot help but marvel at how diminished he is now relative to the heights of just 3 years ago. He was elected in 2008 promising a new kind of politics. Yet he proved himself unequal to the big challenges he faced, and to mask his failures he has hidden behind the nasty partisanship he once decried. As a consequence, he has divided the country and, should he win in November, will only continue to do so, ensuring America gets nothing meaningful done so long as he is president.

Like I said, it's just a sorry spectacle.

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