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A Mosque is Closed in Germany

The mosque served as a meeting ground for Islamist extremists and terrorists.

6:30 AM, Aug 12, 2010 • By THOMAS JOSCELYN
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And as explained by the Joint Inquiry, Mamoun Darkazanli is also suspected of attending the meeting.

This raises the possibility that there was more to Atta’s trip to Spain than even the 9/11 Commission learned. And it raises the possibility that Mamoun Darkazanli was directly involved in the 9/11 plot.

As it stands, American officials (cited by the 9/11 Commission and the Joint Inquiry) believe that Darkazanli’s “close associate,” Mohammed Zammar, helped recruit al Qaeda’s suicide hijack pilots. Darkazanli’s role has been left open-ended – no one is apparently sure whether or not he played a direct role in the 9/11 plot even though there are many good reasons to suspect he did. Darkazanli had a close relationship with the Hamburg cell; it seems inconceivable that he wouldn’t know what they were about to do.

In any event, after all these years German officials have decided that Darkazanli’s recruiting days at the Al Quds/Taiba mosque should come to an end – at least for the time-being.

There is no telling what Darkazanli will do next. He has avoided justice before.

Thomas Joscelyn is a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. 

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