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‘The Most Far-Reaching Environmental Regulatory Scheme in American History’?

8:08 AM, Sep 1, 2011 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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“In an entirely different sector, Illinois-based food producer Sara Lee could soon face lower sales and higher costs and provide fewer jobs if the administration goes through with a particularly overreaching food regulation that would dramatically restrict their ability to advertise many food products — in the name of fighting childhood obesity.

“…the proposed guideline would eliminate Sara Lee-owned Ballpark Hot Dogs’ sponsorship of baseball’s Detroit Tigers, restrict athletes from appearing on General Mills’ Wheaties cereal and restrict Sara Lee from advertising a lean turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread during the Super Bowl, all because people under 18 represent large audiences for these advertisements.”

As I wrote in a piece called "Route 66, Tocqueville, and Obamacare," liberty and prosperity are greatly intertwined: “In [the] flourishing of creativity, we see the evidence of liberty. We see the result of people being free to start, run, and patronize establishments of their own choosing, exercising their rights to do so just as the American Founders intended and fought to allow.” Obama is fighting a very different fight, which he is determined to advance through legislation where possible (Obamacare) and regulatory action where necessary. But the simple truth is, neither liberty nor prosperity is compatible with the hyperactive regulatory state that his administration is steadily working to impose.

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