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At the Movies this Weekend: Battle: Los Angeles and Red Riding Hood

6:27 PM, Mar 11, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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The Weekly Standard's own Kelly Jane Torrance reviews two new films for The Washington Examiner. First, up is the Sci-Fi war flick, Battle: Los Angeles:

It's getting more and more difficult to make war movies. The Vietnam War has been reimagined countless times; so have the battles of World War II. There's no one new left to fight -- on this planet, anyway.

Perhaps that's why "Battle: Los Angeles" has the Marines taking on a nasty army of aliens. It's not as if the film explores the nature of these beasts. We don't learn anything about their way of life or even what sort of lifeforms these are, exactly. We get only a never-explored theory for their invasion. They're as nameless as a platoon of Germans in an old film about World War I.

For more, hit the link. And here's a taste of Torrance's thoughts on Red Riding Hood:

Catherine Hardwicke's new film "Red Riding Hood" at first glance doesn't seem to have that much in common with the fairy tale after which it's named. Sure, there's a wolf, a grandmother and the titular crimson cloak. Here, though, the wolf announces his intention to eat up the young innocent, instead of hiding behind her grandma's bonnet. And there's another difference -- the young innocent is not so innocent.

"Red Riding Hood" is still part of a long tradition, though. People have been looking for -- or inventing -- sexual undertones to folk tales almost since they started being told. Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer have made vampires sexy. Isn't it wolves' turn in the spotlight?

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