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MSNBC Open Letter to Snowden: Turn Yourself In, Obama Will Treat You Well in Prison

12:57 PM, Jul 13, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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In what appeared to be an open letter to Edward Snowden, MSNBC this morning pleaded for the leaker to turn himself in to American authorities, despite the alleged tens of thousands of "human rights violations" in prisons each year:

"And we're talking about how you praise countries like Russia and Venezuela for standing against human rights violations and refusing to compromise their principles. Seriously, Ed, where do you even come up with that? What are you thinking?," said the MSNBC host.

"Now, I understand you don't want to come back. I mean, to do so would mean giving up your freedom, definitely before a trial and likely for several months or years thereafter. I get it! It's prisons in the U.S. that commit actual human rights violations. We just talked about it. More than 80,000 prisoners are held in solitary confinement, some for years, some indefinitely, despite the fact that solitary's cruel and psychologically damaging. I know those aren't the human rights violations, though, Ed, that you were complaining about. But you might have nothing to worry about anyway, because unlike most of the people in solitary confinement, including Private Bradley Manning, on trial for giving data to Wikileaks, you have cultivated for yourself a level of celebrity. And that celebrity itself may just act as the protection, another kind of cloak, if you ever find yourself in a U.A. prison, you have made quite a spectacle of yourself, and the Obama administration will be very careful about how it treats you. Unlike how states treat all those other prisoners."

The host concludes, "So come on home, Ed, then, you know, we can talk about something else. Sincerely, Melissa."

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