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Name That Bill, cont.

11:59 AM, Nov 18, 2010 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Bill Kristol yesterday asked readers to help name the bill the GOP plans to introduce that would take away NPR's federal funding. Kristol's initial suggestion: The JUAN (Jettison Unbalanced Audio Now) Act. Here are a few more suggestions.

From reader G.S.:

PRAVDA: Predominate Republicans Act to Vanquish Democratic Agitprop

DEFUND: Defund Epic Failures Utilizing NPR's Dollars

SLANT: Stifle Liberal Agitpropigator Nina Totenberg

PBS: Propoganda Betrays Society

From reader F.G.:

OBAMA: Obliterate Bloviating Audiofascists Menacing America

From reader G.B.:

TEATHOF: To Each According to His Own Fundraising Act

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