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National Security Trumps Smokey the Bear

9:27 AM, Mar 4, 2013 • By DAN BLUMENTHAL and MICHAEL MAZZA
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And if future programs are more to your liking, then in exchange for fewer cupcake boutiques, fewer musicals about biodiversity, and greater numbers of mediocre golfers, we could accelerate our next generation bomber program, naval unmanned air combat systems, or directed energy weapons. 

China may have its share of fiscal problems, but there is little doubt that China’s soon-to-be president Xi Jinping is more fond of a strong national defense than his American counterpart.  As we cut more, we will soon hear Beijing announce another double-digit percent increase to its own defense budget.  We suppose it is possible to pivot or rebalance to Asia—but not as long as Washington politicos don’t value national security over Smokey the Bear. Only the federal government can “provide for the common defence,” as the Constitution requires. It’s time for the president and Congress to get serious about this most important of responsibilities.

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